What’s in Dip?
So you think all you get is a buzz huh?


Here are some of the chemicals found in your smokeless tobacco!
(and other common uses)

  1. Cadmium: used in car batteries
  2. Formaldehyde: embalming fluid
  3. Lead: a poison
  4. Nicotine: an addictive drug
  5. N-Nitrosamines: cancer-causing chemical
  6. Polonium 210: nuclear waste
  7. Acetaldehyde: irritant
  8. Hydrazine: toxic chemical
  9. Benzopyrene: cancer-causing chemical
  10. Uranium 235: used in nuclear weapons
  11. Sodium: salt, can cause high blood pressure
  12. Sugar: can cause cavities
  13. Fiberglass and Sand: abrasives

Don’t be Trippin’ — Stop Your Dippin’.