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Oral Cancer: It can happen to you!

Oral cancer is one of more than 100 different types of cancer known. Like other cancers, it is caused when cells of the different tissues associated with the mouth become abnormal and divide in an uncontrolled and unorderly manner. Oral cancer can occur on any part of the mouth region: lips, lip and cheek linings, teeth, floor of the mouth (under the tongue), tongue, top of the mouth, gums, tonsils, and the part of the throat just behind the mouth.

Different types of oral cancer include:

Excessive alcohol consumption can also increase a person’s chance of developing oral cancer. One theory suggests that alcohol generates metabolites, or byproducts of metabolism, that are carcinogenic to humans; the major metabolite of ethanol is acetaldehyde, a recognized animal carcinogen. Alcohol also might “grease the wheels” for tobacco by acting as a solvent and making it easier for carcinogenic agents to penetrate oral tissues.

Regular checkups by your doctor or dentist can detect precancerous conditions or the early stages of oral cancer. You should have regular checkups especially if you note any of the common symptoms.

Images of Oral Cancer

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